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Why focusing Nam Dinh as a new site for the production base

  • The industrial park market in South seems saturated and faces difficulty to obtain sufficient work force;
  • The similar situation is seen in the north and the east of Hanoi.
The Northern Provinces Increase of GDP
Population Labor Force
Rate of labor force
per population
# of IPs
North and East of Hanoi
Ha Noi 9% 3,349 6,950,000 4,378,500 63% 49% 12
Hung Yen 10% 926 1,150,400 652,300 63% 35% 10
Bac Ninh 12% 823 1,034,000 693,000 67% 45% 12
Hai Phong 10% 1,522 1,908,000 1,200,000 63% 58% 7
Hai Duong 8% 1,654 1,728,000 1,100,000 64% 23% 9
Vinh Phuc 12% 1,232 1,014,500 625,000 62% 51% 6
Bac Giang 9% 3,828 1,585,000 1,006,000 63% 52% 4
Quang Ninh 11% 6,099 1,161,600 623,000 53% 54% 5
Thai Nguyen 9% 3,534 1,135,000 700,000 59% 49% 5
South of Hanoi
Nam Dinh 10% 1,652 2,010,000 1,030,000 51% 32% 3
Ha Nam 14% 861 884,100 605,466 68% 40% 5
West of Hanoi
Hoa Binh 10% 4,595 813,500 510,000 63% 30% 6
Phu Tho 9% 3,521 1,340,000 804,000 60% 34% 3

Source: JETRO Report July 2013

  • Nam Dinh Province, located in the south of Hanoi, has the second largest population with 2.01 million next to Hanoi City.
  • Nam Dinh Province has abundant labor force with 1.03 million people as many as Hai Phong City, Hai Dung Province and Bac Giang Province where many manufacturers have already set up their factories. Nam Dinh Province has more labor force than Hung Yen Province, Bac Ninh Province and Vin Phuc Province where many manufacturers have also already settled.
  • There are only three industrial parks in Nam Dinh Province, and obtaining labor force is not difficult as other provinces.
  • The minimum wage rate in Nam Dinh City is relatively low, belonging to the category, second from the bottom, and the rise of wage rate has been slow, comparing to those of other provinces.
  • Nam Dinh people are well recognized across Vietnam for their educational high standard. Le Hong Phong High School is ranked within TOP 10 in the National High School ranking every year. There are four universities and eight colleges more than those in other provinces, two technology universities being included, thereby office workers and engineers are available within Nam Dinh.
  • Many people from Nam Dinh work in Hanoi. They tend to spend weekends with their families in their hometown. They prefer to work in their home town, if they can find jobs there. Therefore, it is possible to find office workers and engineers in Hanoi, who are from Nam Dinh.
  • Possible to commute from Downtown Hanoi to MTIP (about one hour from the southern part of Downtown Hanoi).
  • MITP is located in the domain of Nam Dinh City which is well developed urban city supplying comfortable living conditions.
    Shopping Two large supermarkets in the city, including one foreign.
    Shopping mall is going to emerge in Nam Dinh Tower, a commercial complex under construction.
    Restaurants Many including foreign foods
    Hotels There are hotels which business traveler and long staying residents comfortably could stay. (25 – 60 USD per night, available for a long term contract)
    Apartments Being developed.
    Upper floors of Nam Dinh Tower, a commercial complex under construction.
    Entertainment Royal Golf Club is located 30km from the city.

Underdevelopment of traffic infrastructure had prevented Nam Dinh from being known as an industrial area. Now that the access to Nam Dinh has been much improved, it will not take much time to evolve as a major industrial city in North.

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